23 June 2023

How to Ensure your Cloud Content is an Asset and not a Liability

Digital Transformation is a key enabler to moving your enterprise content to the cloud. But while there are numerous advantages of a cloud-first infrastructure, you need to ensure that ultimately, the content works for you, not against you.

Information has unique characteristics that can render it an asset or a liability. If you are consolidating multiple legacy content systems to the cloud and/or need to plug transactional platforms into your content repositories, the lack of an information management process that includes data curation and hygiene can complicate the project and put you at risk.

Strategic information governance is a key enabler to tactical cloud content management. When strategically planned, the cloud can empower an organisation with greater access to more actionable information and give your content greater value.

Register for our upcoming webinar where we will discuss ways in which information governance strategy can support your cloud initiative and:

– Remedy concerns over data security and regulatory compliance
– Help you break out of your current content silos
– Gain a simpler, more unified enterprise view of your content
– Handle your enterprise content in a more convenient and consistent way

Watch the webinar

The registration window for this webinar has now closed. You can watch a recording of the webinar below. If you would like more information please reach out to David Littler, General Manager of enChoice UK at [email protected]