Knowledge Capture is the secure, cloud-based process platform for your content needs.

Content. Sorted.

What Knowledge Capture Offers

Digital transformation starts with an effective content management platform. Knowledge Capture enables you to take full advantage of the information and knowledge embedded in your content across your organisation.

Intelligent Capture

Capture, recognise and classify content automatically – converting unstructured documents into structured data.

Automated data recognition
Data validation
Omni-channel capture

Content Management

Organise, manage and secure business content to provide a complete view of the information you need when you need it.

Lifecycle management
Role-based access
Robust data governance

Information Accessibility

Access critical business information securely and instantly from any device using an easy-to-use and configurable user interface.

Search, browse, view content & metadata
Responsive, customisable user experience
Secure collaboration

Process Automation

Intelligently optimise decision-making and improve business agility by integrating content into your operational processes.

Content-centric process mapping
Graphical low-code/no-code authoring
Rich process reporting

Information Integration

Incorporate content and metadata into your business applications and processes via industry-standard interfaces.

Industry-standard API
Content enable core systems
Web & mobile integration

Flexible Deployment

Choose how and where applications run – deploy on-premise, hybrid cloud or full cloud.

Strategic alignment
Speed of delivery
Easy maintenance

We can help you streamline your business