Knowledge Capture is the secure, cloud-based process platform for your content needs.

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What is Knowledge Capture?

Unique to enChoice, Knowledge Capture is a secure enterprise content management and workflow platform that automates the capture, classification and management of the content that powers your business.

Why should you choose Knowledge Capture?

In this digital age, unstructured data is now one of the most powerful strategic assets a business has. By the end of the decade, an estimated 80% of financial analysts will consider a company’s information and analytical capabilities as a fundamental asset in valuing the business.
Knowledge Capture puts data at the heart of the decision-making process whilst ensuring security and compliance at all times.

What are the benefits of Knowledge Capture?

  • Easy, secure access to information leading to increased productivity and flexibility
  • Advanced insights into operational performance
  • Customised, automated and streamlined processes
  • Secure and protected data compliance
  • Cloud platform hosted in Microsoft Azure, powered by a unique combination of IBM and Kofax technologies

How does Knowledge Capture work?

Knowledge Capture captures, stores, activates, analyses and automates business content, enabling businesses to get the most out of their data. According to research, a 10% increase in information accessibility can lead to a growth in income of £65 million for a typical Fortune 100 company.

  • Rapid implementation means Knowledge Capture can enable straightforward, secure and fast data migrations with bulk migration tools making large transfers easy
  • Flexible sizing so the platform can be scaled for every organisation from start-ups to enterprise-level
  • Competitive pricing models and templated builds which can be easily tailored to your specifications with minimal service and support costs
  • Information governance automates the entire information lifecycle process with little or no intervention
What Knowledge Capture looks like:

Interact with the diagram to learn more about the elements of Knowledge Capture.

en Capture
Automatically capture, control, communicate and manage digital information while ensuring content is protected and meets compliance requirements.
Reduce document handling time, streamline tasks and increase staff efficiency by automating capture and previously manual-oriented tasks.
Bring control and security to all documents across your organisation by effectively managing structured and unstructured data.
Streamline information access by integrating Knowledge Capture with key systems. Knowledge Capture utilises a simple-to-use REST API to content enable line-of-business applications & web portals.
Unlock powerful analytics and consolidate business data management through immediate access to catalogued business documents and central client files.

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