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Cumberland Building Society

Knowledge Capture Online Advanced Case Management Solution


Cumberland Building Society is a publicly-owned building society which stands for 'kinder banking'. It is a business with a conscience and is purpose-led, financially strong and socially responsible. The building society has a strong ethical foundation and is focused on people, the planet and communities.


Cumberland Building Society needed to find a 'case driven' solution to enable them to manage an ever-growing number of documents more efficiently, while still meeting the stringent finance industry data regulations, but without additional costs to the business.


enChoice was aware of needing to provide a solution which didn't just fulfil the building society's challenge of managing its growing bank of data safely and effectively, but which also didn't lead to increased costs for its customers.

The solution had to bring about an improvement in operational efficiency, reduce processing time and raise the overall level of satisfaction for customers whilst also meeting tough financial regulation commitments and all without incurring additional costs.


enChoice introduced Cumberland Building Society to Knowledge Capture (KC) Online ACMS module which is an industry-leading, work management solution that helps organisations by bringing people, processes and information together.

The system combines sophisticated work delivery and automation techniques with the management of content from any source. In a nutshell, KC Online enables businesses to get the right person performing the right task at the right time and this allowed Cumberland Building Society to immediately make more efficient use of its resources.


In the 18 months since the system was implemented, the team at Cumberland Building Society were able to handle a 30% increase in workload without needing to increase headcount in the organisation.

Through the digitisation of incoming documents, the physical impact was that expensive office space previously occupied by filing cabinets, could be utilised more efficiently and more effectively for the business.

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