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Financial Institutions:

1. Compliance and regulatory requirements

2. Data security and privacy

3. Integration with Heritage systems

Regulated Bodies (Utilities Providers, Telecommunications, etc.):

1. Managing large volumes of data

2. Compliance with industry-specific regulations

3. Collaboration and information sharing

Healthcare Providers:

1. Security and privacy of all patient data

2. Integration with Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems

3. Workflow automation and process optimization

Government Organisations:

1. Compliance with government regulations

2. Collaboration and information sharing

3. Heritage system integration

Overall, the challenges faced by these industry sectors in implementing Enterprise Content Management systems revolve around data security, compliance with industry-specific regulations, managing large volumes of data, and ensuring seamless collaboration and information sharing.

“Large organisations in need of enterprise content management. Primarily banking, finance, insurance, telecoms and other regulated companies i.e. Energy, Government, Private Medical etc”

Experiencing strong demand growth, the market for ECM solution is expected to double to $132bn by 2028. Companies continue to shift content to the Cloud as part of their digital transformation strategies. However, businesses are struggling to effectively manage the huge volumes of unstructured data. This trend is driving rapid adoption of purpose-built ECM solutions, such as Knowledge Capture.

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